Diamond In The Rough

Diamond In The Rough
2013 National Artist Talent Search
Presented by Gypsy Diamond and Powered by ReverbNation
New York, NY - Gypsy Diamond is looking for the next “Diamond In The Rough,” and they are turning to ReverbNation to find the artist! All 2.8 million artists on ReverbNation are eligible to submit their music at www.GypsyDiamond.com/enter and be entered to win a record label contract, production deals, and other sponsorship prizes.
This opportunity will consist of three rounds:
• Round 1 - Artists can submit to the competition via ReverbNation.
• Round 2 - 50 artists will be chosen as Semi-Finalists for review by a panel of judges:
Chris Kirkpatrick
Singer, dancer, entertainer, and voice actor best known for his
work as a founding member of ’N Sync.
Earl Cohen
Three-time Grammy-winning producer whose credits are on
more than 85 million records worldwide.
Josh Grabelle
Co-founder of Gypsy Diamond who has sold over 2 million
albums on his labels, Trustkill and Bullet Tooth.
• Round 3 - 25-30 finalists will be invited to perform at a showcase in New York City in September. The showcase will be judged by a panel of record label executives and industry heavyweights. After the showcase is complete, Gypsy Diamond will evaluate all of the finalists on a strict list of criteria. If the label finds their “diamond,” an opportunity for an exclusive record contract will be made available to the selected artist.
Selection Criteria: Talent, Musicianship, Production Value, and Marketability
About Gypsy Diamond: Gypsy Diamond was created in 2012 by long time friends Josh Grabelle and Jay Reason. Born and raised in the Rock world but keeping their pulse on the Pop scene, Gypsy Diamond is an outlet created for young up-and-coming artists who are creating interesting and compelling music. Distributed through Fontana/Universal, the label has already released groundbreaking music from Una Jensen and Kelsey Chaos, as well as established partnerships with Chris Kirkpatrick of ’N Sync and three-time Grammy-winning producer Earl Cohen.
About ReverbNation:  ReverbNation provides over 2.8 million music industry professionals – artists, managers, labels, venues, festivals/events – with powerful, easy-to-use technology to promote and prosper online. We offer a wide array of high quality opportunities for artists in the form of licensing deals, lucrative brand sponsorship programs, and high-profile concert bookings. ReverbNation operates worldwide with customers on every continent. Over 20 million unique visitors come to ReverbNation.com every month.
Contact Gypsy Diamond for all inquiries, sponsorship opportunities, and more.